Mark of the Lion

Mark of the Lion

This series was by far three of the best and most impacting books I’ve read. The main character (in the first two books) Hadassah was very inspiring as a Christian example and showed me how easy I’ve got it as a Christian in New Zealand. To begin with she has but a simple understanding and connection with God and holds on to it through all the things she goes through, which I found extremely stirring towards my own faith. What I also found amazing in her was her servant heart and persistant attitude towards the family she was placed with in slavery, something I’d find extremely hard in the midst of being put out of my comfort zone.

Another thing (there’s many) I loved about Hadassah was that you never heard (or read…) her complaining, honestly that shows character and a true trust in God and that you believe that He’s got everything under control. The second book of the series, An Echo in the Darkness, shows Hadassah’s loyalty and faithfulness to her ‘master’ Julia, who she finds ill after several things happening to them both (without spoiling the book), which motivated me to reassess my own faithfulness to God and make some changes where some were needed. It also showed me how Hadassah is as God is toward us, when we’re ill with sin and have stuffed up over and over, He’s still there to comfort us and take us back, even if we’re not attentive to it. Hadassah put God above and beyond everything, in every situation, and is blessed in abundance because of this, something I’m striving for, as hard and testing as it may be!

The third book, As Sure as the Dawn, has a completely different setting and character base as the first two books, but Francine still illustrates one of the main ideas I got out of it, which is having such a solid trust for God, in any circumstance. Rizpah, one of the main characters, has a faith in God that continues to remain unshaken in life changing circumstances, even if some of her attitudes and manner take a while to change. For most of the book, she has a very stubborn and straight forward way of looking at things, but this slowly transforms and she becomes a mighty woman of God, due to His grace in her situation, which in turn changes her family’s circumstances as well. As in the first two books, God blesses Rizpah as He did Hadassah and when we give our everything to God and are transformed, He uses us to transform others, which is blessing enough. Francine Rivers has such a way with writing that you feel connected to the characters and not only live along side them but are impacted in different ways by their behaviour and habits and especially in how God moves through them. Having read many reader comments and reviews on these books, I can see it has impacted a lot of people and I highly recommend reading these books. (And others by Francine Rivers).

Where can I borrow a copy? Meredith Thorpe


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