I am Spirit, and my Spirit runs my life.

I am Spirit, and my Spirit runs my life.

Like when climbing mountains the higher we go the more we can see. The higher I go in my rest in the Father’s love the more I see how special, sacred, and profound this incredible relationship is: I am a son of God, a co-heir with Christ, redeemed, saved, forgiven, enlivened, made new, growing, and doing good works in partnership with my God. This is mind blowing!

I remember when I used to try and achieve “Spirit fill me and lead me” by being and doing the right thing, always thinking of what do I needed to do; thoughts like am I doing the right thing to please God so the Spirit won’t leave me. I thought I needed to get it right so the Spirit would fulfil what is promised in the word. How wrong I was, and how faithful and gracious our Father was to me in my wrongness. He continues to forgive and never holds any of my mistakes against me. He is a good good Father. I stumble and struggle when I could be resting and living confidently in his light while I am trying to be my own light, but somehow he enables me to survive until I see more clearly; this is grace.

As I have gone higher and deeper in resting in his love for me; I have seen that living in Christ by the Spirit, is not getting something right, nor being in control to such a degree that the Spirit will approve of me and be with me. I have seen it is recognising that in Christ I have received the Spirit of God, and I am becoming one with the Spirit. I am Spirit. The ‘right’ is resting in relationship with the Spirit in me. What I then do, is live that relationship, which is  the fellowship in the Holy Spirit.

I have found there are things that help this relationship work.

Things like; remembering that in Christ I am born again as a spiritual person. And, as I grow as a child of God I increasingly see and understand how the Spirit rules over the natural. The Spirit raised the dead natural Jesus to life, the Spirit breathed into the inanimate Adam and he became a living being; from the Spirit comes the natural, and after the natural has passed away there will be Spirit.

I remember that in Christ I am set free from the natural laws of sin and death to live by the law of Spirit and life. Therefore my obligation is not obedience to laws but obedience to relationship with the Spirit.

I remember that I am a new person in Christ, born again of the Spirit, a new creation. I am a child of God, a co-heir with Christ. Therefore I set my mind on the Spirit. This means I put off attitudes and thoughts that arise from my old natural life, and put on the attitudes and thoughts that come from the Spirit. I am consistently growing and changing, to live as one with the Spirit. This is being transformed by the renewing of my mind, and being transformed from glory to glory. I have found that God does not set or change my mind for me; I must. Our Father respects our sovereignty over ourself.

I actively remember that my new Spirit life is maturing me as a child of God in likeness with Jesus Christ. The scripture becomes a revelation of Jesus Christ and life in the Spirit. The Spirit is the inspiration in the scriptures therefore I expect them to come alive in my life through revelation and inspiration. I read them not as a text book to study but as living words to consume.

Everything about the Spirit is good, he reveals Jesus, and Jesus reveals the Father; they always all work together as one in agreement with each other. In the Spirit I grow in knowing the Father and the Son. So the good good Father in heaven is present in me with the good good Spirit of God. This is not just positional but relational.

Because I am Spirit, I am growing in knowing the Father and Jesus, resting in them, enjoying hope, peace and joy. The Spirit always brings prevailing freedom over accusation and condemnation; and enthuses me with love that leads to confidence and courage. I am amazed again and again at the peace, joy, love and what I can only describe as a good welcoming sweet atmosphere, in which it is well with my soul, and in which hope always rises. This atmosphere is always present when I focus on being still with my God in Christ. The first time I experienced this atmosphere of heaven on earth was when I first surrendered wholeheartedly to God in Christ and was born again, forgiven, made a son, given a new Spirit, thirty-seven years ago.

I remember that the Spirit empowers me to believe, to trust, to rest, and to obey. In the Spirit I have light within me, so I really am light in darkness, hope in despair, peace in turmoil; and have the ability to do the good God has sent me to do as his kingdom ambassador on earth. When I look at the daunting and even impossible challenges around me through my born again Spirit they always become possible.

I am Spirit, and my Spirit runs my life. I have found my Spirit life does not insulate me from grief and loss, but enables me to go through grief with hope and somehow becoming stronger in my faith in my heavenly Father, and my faith in myself.

As I grow in being a born again spirit child of God, I grow in being more than a conqueror in the the chaos and pain of life on this planet. “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate me from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord; because I am one with him by the Spirit; and this is very very good.

NB. Read Romans 8 asking the Spirit to impart the truth in those words into your heart and mind.


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  1. kirsten Burr 13/07/2015 at 10:36 am

    I don’t think it is a coincidence that your ’37 years ago’ in the 5th to last paragraph has a nice little typo…’thirSty seven years ago’. We need to get thirsty for God in order to experience His Spirit. The good news is that we can ask God to bring about that thirst in us; and also in the loved ones we are praying for. I see a new thirst for being filled with the Spirit rising in my Unite Church brothers and sisters. These are exciting times and the best is yet to come!

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