Waking up from the Nightmare!

Waking up from the Nightmare!

We live in a nightmare! It is scary! The greater we understand the reality the crazier and more frightening it becomes. Death rules on planet earth. Destruction, abuse, jealousy, and stealing and there like, are the default positions of human nature. They can be curbed, and harnessed by ‘laws’ for a season but cannot be changed.

The future is very dark – history is ugly and the future is ghastly! Utter despair at the plight of humanity is the only reasonable position. We are the blind leading the blind through desperate darkness into destruction. The lost leading the lost.

Jesus is the ONLY ray of light, the only glimpse of hope in the entire history of our planet. Jesus and his Church, which is his body, is the light of life in the darkness of our existence!

Even though his church has seemed overwhelmed by the darkness. The church through the ages has seemed to cannibalise itself, and has looked to be all but finished, written off, diseased and dying. But always out of the disease ridden remains a spark glows, a seed stirs, and fresh life comes forth, this life is always looking to Jesus Christ alone, stirred and revived in the Holy Spirit, feeding and growing on the Word of God, this spark becomes a blazing torch, this seed the greatest tree. Our God will fulfil his word. Jesus will build his church and the gates of hell and death will not prevail against it! The church’s struggle is not with people, systems and resources; but with the gates of hell, the schemes, accusations and incitements of the devil. He is the one who blinds the eyes of humanity to the gospel of Jesus Christ!

These are the days for us to cling to the seed and see it grow. To stir the sparks into a mighty blaze. To be the church who prevail over the gates of hell, devil’s schemes to bind people to blindness, darkness, and death. Both the good and the evil of the tree of knowledge are the devil’s lies and schemes; the lie that we can find life somewhere else but in Jesus the ‘tree of life’.

The gates of hell are whatever keeps us from faith in Christ alone! The church prevails by faith in Christ alone! We are the church that prevails, that overcomes, the church that will lead a great company of people into salvation in Jesus Christ alone!

These are the best days of the church since it’s inception. The best days for the gospel. The best days to be light, wisdom, and reason in the nightmare of life. We can’t change everything in a moment, but we can change our faith in a moment, and we can change the attitude and sound that flows from our life, in a moment; and therefore we can change our world in a moment.

What are you waiting for?  Arise and shine for the light has come.


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  1. kirsten Burr 13/07/2015 at 10:46 am

    ‘Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.’ Rumi. The good news for Christians…we can ask God to help us change.

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