Face to Face

Face to Face

The first and introduction to a series a bogs called face to face. The inspiration for these is Ephesians 2:6.

Ephesians 2:6 gives this incredible picture of born again believers’ place in God’s house. The place our heavenly Father has prepared for us. This place is “raised up and seated with Christ Jesus in the heavenly realms”. The gospel invites us to come and be seated face to face with Jesus Christ. The implications that flow from this are profound.

This is so important. God is urgently calling his church to grow up in faith that sees life from heavens perspective   not from ourself perspective. He is calling his church to shine as his sons and daughters on earth today. To be the light of heaven in the world.

The resurrection life we receive in Christ always rises above. We are not looking up to heaven trying to catch glimpses of Jesus and the Father. We are seated with Christ, at the Father’s right hand; face to face. We are up close and personal, his children. The norm for a Father with his children is intimate personal conversation, and the sharing of secrets. This is our reality as we grow up in seeing ourselves seated face to face in Christ,

In Psalm 84 we see the paradox and mystery we experience as sons and daughters of God. In this Psalm we see the contrast of being at home in the presence of God and on pilgrimage through the beauty and pain of life on earth. We are seated face to face in Christ, at rest and at home with our eternal Father in heaven; a place of peace, joy, worship, honour and wonder. And, at the same time journeying through the valleys of weeping and the heights of praise that are our current reality. We must grasp this paradox and mystery. That at the same moment we can be worshiping the wonder of our Father’s glorious grace seated with Christ; and grieving at the pain, lostness and tragedy we see all around us.

Jesus demonstrated this paradox; Jesus lived this incredible rest and trust in his Father in heaven which enabled him to stay settled and centred in all circumstances including the cross where he prayed; Father, into your hands I commit my Spirit. But we also see Jesus, weeping over the lostness of Jerusalem; and groaning in deep agony in the garden of Gethsemane. We see him living out the paradox revealed in Psalm 84.

My purpose is that we will grow in seeing ourselves seated face to face with Christ. That the glory and wonder of this will captivate us. The peace and rest in this will saturate us. While the hope and vision in this place will motivate us in serving the gospel of the Kingdom on earth today.


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