Unite’s Prophetic Prayer: 2016

Unite’s Prophetic Prayer: 2016

We, Unite Church are a growing cathedral of people, and are coming out of a holding pattern. We are leaving our current positions and advancing with the Spirit of God where we have not gone before.

We are a revival ministry, a supernatural people in the name of Jesus. The sons and daughters of God on our assignments to shine brightly the truth and grace of Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit.

God is repositioning both Unite as a whole and people within Unite, within His gospel story. This repositioning is in call, authority, and anointing to be a home for God’s sons and daughter, calling them home, bringing them home, and seeing them grow in freedom, identity, purpose and rest; shining as heaven on earth. At Unite we see everyone as sought after by our Father, chosen, called, desired, delighted in, celebrated, and provided for: by our God and by us.

The Father’s repositioning of people within Unite is more about position in heaven: abiding, resting, and seated with Christ; than their positions on earth. The significance of our new positions is not found in the assignment but in the one who called us. This repositioning is preparing us for expansion. In these new days we expect to produce unexpected kingdom ministry, to produce what we have never produced before. A new acceleration is coming, our some fruitfulness is becoming much fruitfulness.

We are learning from Jesus to rest deeper in the Father’s love and embrace. We see ourselves in the deep flowing river of the Love of God, the free, consciously chosen commitment to trust and love God without reservation or boundary. He is the only uncreated One, and He is Love. We are freely resting in his love, so deep, wide, high, and long that there are no boundaries. In this place anything we do outside of this rest in Him achieves nothing but disturbance, distraction, and weariness.

Unite has come to the kingdom of God for such a time as this: Calling home the sons and daughters of God, leading them into glorious freedom in Christ, into shining brightly in their unique God given identity and fulfilling their part in God’s eternal story.

Unite Church is a home where the lights are turned on: where the sons and daughters of God come home to be seated with Christ, to shine brightly; and to rest in the Father’s love. Our mission is to be the culture of heaven coming on earth through unrestrained faith in Christ, unrestrained Spirit life, and unrestrained kingdom focus.


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