These Are The Best Days Of My Life

These Are The Best Days Of My Life

While beginning my morning scanning facebook and several news articles I began to pray, Holy Spirit we need you more than ever. Immediately my inside knowing kicked in, we’ve always needed the Holy Spirit ‘more than ever’ and more then everything. Us humans were created to be one with the Holy Spirit and with the created world.

These are tumultuous times, social, political and economic events are increasingly creating anxiety and fear for the average person. The immediacy of information, both news and opinion, serious and spurious makes these days seem so much more desperate, chaotic and crazy. This creates an environment for fear and its partner anger to flourish: We feel afraid, someone must be to blame, who can we punish; seems to be our human response. After all someone must pay for making me feel afraid, and the more afraid I feel the harsher the punishment must be. And so the downward spiral accelerates.

My inner thoughts began to ask; I wonder what the soldiers in the trenches during WW1 would think about living in my place in my time, enjoying my lifestyle, freedom, safety and prosperity in this current climate; would they be afraid, angry, feeling like they were at risk of missing out; or thankful, and amazed at all that they had.

What about those in concentration camps during WW2, the refugees, and the millions who have suffered under the political and economic ideology of communism, those who suffered in Uganda and Cambodia, and many other internal national conflicts past and current. What about the nearly sixty million displaced homeless people, I wonder if they would envy my current lifestyle in spite of its insecurity because of chaotic political and social events happening around the world. Would they embrace my status with enthusiasm and optimism while pitying my fearful, insecure, ungrateful anxious state of mind, wondering why am I angry at everyone else, blaming the government for my anxiety, living on the verge of depression when I have so much.

I wonder what would happen if one million fearful grumpy Nz’ers were instantly replaced by one million displaced persons, would these displaced person grab their freedom and opportunity with joy and energy that misses the fact that these days are hard, risky, and scary; seeing them as easy, safe and good. Would these victims of war, political, racial, religious, and economic persecution consider themselves incredibly blessed to be in New Zealand facing a life of opportunity, even beginning with nothing.

Maybe instead of allowing fear to drive me I should see myself as blessed to live in these days, in this country. I should be thankful for the freedom, peace, security, and prosperity I have; and rejoice to share it with others. Yes from my limited experience of life these are uncertain times; but they are not unique, and I have far more to be thankful for than to be afraid of. I don’t have to live feeling like I might miss out.
Paul, have a reality check: these are the best days of your life, and the best is yet to come.


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