We Are His House

We Are His House

Psalm 65:4
Blessed are those you choose
    and bring near to live in your courts!
We are filled with the good things of your house,
    of your holy temple.

God is building an actual spiritual house on earth, and as we come and entrust ourselves to Jesus Christ we become living stones being built into God’s spiritual house. Jesus Christ is the first-born in the house, the foundation of the house, and the head of the house.

This house is also his body. The body is one, though made up of many members; whom God arranges, every one of them just as he wants them to be. We are the church, the house of God, the body of Christ; a dwelling on earth where God lives by his Spirit. This is a reality not a metaphor.
(1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 2:19-22, 1 Peter 2:5-9)

The Spirit of God calls us, places us, connects us; and flows into and among us. Unite is an expression of this spiritual house and body. In us the presence of Jesus Christ is becoming flesh on earth. Through us the good things of God’s house flow from heaven to earth.

In this house, God reigns and where God reigns there is rest and freedom; Jesus Christ is King and Saviour; the Holy Spirit is the breath filling the house with heavens life.

This house and body is holy. We don’t do a thing called ‘a church service’ or a ‘life-group’. We gather in his name as his body and house to sing with heaven, pray with heaven, hear the words of heaven, and to be the sound and touch of heaven to those still coming.

The sound of the house is praise, the touch of the house is mercy, the atmosphere of the house is generosity, the heart of the house is love, the strength of the house is faithfulness. The house of God is a house of worship and wonders, the wonders of God flow from heaven to earth through our worship.

Psalm 26:8 “Lord, I love the house where you live, the place where your glory dwells.”


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