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Paul Burton - Aug 14, 2016

Never Stop Praying

Colossians 1:3-12. Prayer is often a mystery that becomes routine. We will see how prayer is the dynamic of relationship, begins in heaven before it comes on earth. In fact unless prayer begins in heaven it is only standing at a distance and speaking to good as a stranger. Wen are his children inn Christ, seated with Christ, and we can talk; this is prayer. What we see and hear in heaven becomes our prayers for earth.

From Series: "Jesus wins"

Colossians was written by Apostle Paul in 60 Ad to the church in Colossae, a small town about 175kms inland from Ephesus. A theme suggested for Colossians is "How to be a Christian in the Roman Empire? written by a Roman prisoner." At the time of writing Paul was in prison in Rome. Colossians is a world view book, it asks us to think subversively about our society. To see everything through the lens of Jesus Christ. A title I discarded was ‘Kingdoms Colliding’ because we live in the collision of God’s kingdom of light with the devils kingdom of darkness. In Colossians we see the kingdom of light clearly, from the beginning, all powerful, and are asked to live with our hearts and minds fixed on this kingdom of light in Jesus Christ.

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From "Jesus wins"

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